About Us

Our pets are part of our everyday lives and are loyal and unconditionally affectionate family members. 

At The Dog's Balls Store, we believe that companion animals are the foundation of vibrant lives. That’s why since our inception, we have aimed to produce products that support your pet’s wellness at every stage of life. 

Today, as global experts in sleep-solutions and enrichment toys for companion animals, we are committed to using our reach and expertise for good.

We strive to improve access and affordability of premium quality products, to put a healthy mind, body and environment for companion animals within reach of pet guardians everywhere. 

As part of this commitment, we support multiple no-kill facilities and rehoming shelters in the United States and the European Union, with the goal of improving the lives of as many animals as we can reach. 

Everyday, driven by the conviction that every animal deserves a good quality of life, our team is working to produce products that spring from the convergence of science, innovation and passion, to profoundly change the trajectory of health for companion animals.

Every component of every product you will find here has been thoughtfully designed and tested to address a need, with special care taken to select safe, high-performance materials. 

Safety, quality and ease of use are our top priorities, and to honour your bond with your pet and to ensure that you get the best quality product delivered in excellent condition, we offer warranties on all our products and are able to assist you long after you have made your purchase. 

Welcome to our store - for pets living their best life!

We’re happy to be part of the memories you will make with your pet.